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Trust allows for great accomplishments
Safety Costs Nothing
It is easy to rationalize being unsafe, easy to convince ourselves we are safe when we are not.  How often do...

You get into your car, you're just running down to the corner store and figure "It just a mile or so, I don't need my seatbelt, it is uncomfortable anyway."  (Each time the destination gets a little further away.)
Your child is sleeping peacefully in the back seat and you think, "I will only be in there for a minute, he'll be fine."
You get into your boat and think, "I'm a good swimmer, I don't need to hassle with the life vest."
You look at the electrical outlet caps and think, "I can wait until my child is a little older, he won't get into them now."

I won't have a kitchen fire!  My tires are good for a few more miles!  I don't need a helmet, I won't fall off my bike!

and so on and so on...

We find lots of excuses for not getting or using safety equipment.  If we are lucky we will never be hurt by it.  If we are normal the cost of not using safety equipment will be astronomical!

You are driving to the store and a car backs out of a driveway, or pops out of a side street.  Next thing you are slamming through your window after bouncing off a tree.  
You learn, again too late, it only takes 60 seconds for someone to steal your car or your baby (or both!).  The cost of not being safe is your life or the life of someone you love.  
You fall out of your boat and hit a piece of driftwood and are knocked unconscious.  
You learn, too late, that yes your child can get to the outlet.

You have a kitchen fire! You have a blowout on the highway! You do fall off your bike!

Compared to that, the cost of safety is nothing!

Compared to the cost of being unsafe the cost of safety is nothing!

Put safety first, before comfort, before convenience, before everything!  If you don't you may not live to regret it!